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Stockbrokers, Financial Planners, Real Estate Professionals, CPA's, this may be the Most Important information that you will find on the Internet.

Do you have, good, affordable, HEALTH INSURANCE?

Now you can join other financial professionals, who are either self employed, employed by a closely held service corporation, or are independent contractors, through a national association, and obtain health insurance that provides major benefits at a reasonable cost.

National Financial Professionals of America , an organization formed by others with your same needs, has put together a comprehensive health plan, with national coverage, that can be tailored for you or your firm, either as an open-enrollment plan, utilizing the Internet sign-up facilities offered on this site, or customized, with a proprietary web site, for your firm and its associates.

What does the plan look like?
1.    This is a PPO that affords you two major network administrators: HealthSmart/Beech Street Network, and NPPN.
2.    The Plan is filed with ERISA and is compliant.
3.    It is flexible, as to deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket limits and percentages.
4.    Most people can be underwritten, even though theyare taking medications.
5.    Prescriptions are covered and Dental is available.

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These policies are offered through Ronald v. Johnston, CA License #0627193. 4455 Arch St. , San Diego, CA 92116. E-mail Address:, Phone:877-477-8264.