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Have you lost money in the stock market, bond market, in mutual funds or variable annuities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and can answer yes to one of the following questions as well, we may be able to help you recover some or all of your losses:

1.    I feel that my broker, planner, financial advisor or agent, acted without my authority.
2.    I feel that my broker, planner, financial advisor or agent disregarded my instructions or my
       investment objectives.
3.    I was not aware of what my account/s were doing or what they were valued at.
4.    I only became aware of the results of my portfolio within the past 2 years.
5.    I have been severely injured by the actions of my financial advisor, agent, broker or planner.
6.    My financial advisor, agent broker or planner didn't disclose material facts to me.
7.    My advisor, agent broker or planner had a conflict of interest in his/her dealings with me.
8.    My advisor, agent broker or planner borrowed money from me.
9.    My advisor, agent broker or planner didn't follow my personal situation.
10.  I would like to know more about binding arbitration in securities related matters.

Securities Arbitration Consultants, a subsidiary of Norse Enterprises, Inc. offers non attorney consulting services for NASD, NASDR, New York Stock Exchange, and American Stock Exchange arbitration and mediation cases, that are conducted before panels of these self regulated organizations. We have staff consultants that represent of 30 years of experience in the securities industry as managers, compliance directors, industry arbitrators, expert witnesses, and chairpersons. We also have licensed attorneys, whom we work with, to assist in any matters that require a licensed person's expertise. We work for you and can be retained on an hourly or contingency* basis.

You have the right to pursue recovery of your hard earned money if you have been damaged or defrauded by unscrupulous people in the securities and insurance industry. The industry makes arbitration available, as well as mediation, and the costs are generally lower than pursuit of recovery in civil court. We, generally, will only accept cases of persons residing in southern California. For additional information call: Mr. Ronald Johnston, 1-877-477-8264.

* Contingency: Compensation is earned by your representative as a percentage of the assets and/or money recovered. This excludes filing fees, expert witness fees, and incidental fees necessary to the structure or production of a case. Securities Arbitration Consultants are not licensed attorneys, but have unique expertise in the securities field.

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