N o r s e E n t e r p r i s e s , I n c .


About the Company

"netauto.org" is a publisher of for-sale listings of motor vehicles. The publisher charges sellers a small fee and asks for buyers and visitors to sign a guest book and invites comments.


Please fill in a description of your vehicle, attractive features, and your asking price, including a picture, if you have one available to scan in as an attachment. E-mail the text plus attachment, plus: (1) Your full name; (2) Your home address; (3) Your E-Mail address; (4) The name of your credit card, your number, and expiration date, and amount to be charged, $20.00, and e-mail them to us at , or you may call in your credit card information to: 877-477-8264.


The listings of offered vehicles will include: the vehicle's description, an asking price, a picture, (if available), and an e-mail address for the seller. Please send us a short e-mail, with your name and e-mail address, plus any comments that you may have. Thank you.