If your car is more than 10 years old, it's A/C system probably was originally charged with FREON R-12. As you know, this product is no longer being made, is environmentally polluting, and, if available, is very expensive. The solution for some, was to convert to 134. The downside is that 134 doesn't cool nearly as efficiently as freon 12 and you have to change a number of things on your system to make it work correctly. We are a distributor for a FREON 12 replacement product that:
*COOLS better than freon R-12 or 134
*Requires less volume to meet the same cooling standard
*Is environmentally safe and legal
*Can be used in place of freon R-12 or 134
*Is easily installed by the do-it-yourselfer
*Is inexpensive @$10.00 per 16oz-CRC-R12 equivalent, plus shipping and handling.
*Requires no changes in your freon R-12 system.

We have it available in 16oz. equivalent cans or 20 pound cylinders. I use it in both my older Ford products as well as my foreign cars, and have for 4 years.

To order, please contact us at: 877-477-8264, or by e-mail at: alfaron1@netscape. net. We can accept most credit cards and you have merely to click on the secure Pay Pal Shopping cart Button below, to place your order.

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