N o r s e E n t e r p r i s e s , I n c .


Who is "netauto.org"?
netauto.org is an dba for Norse Enterprises, Inc, a corporation independent of any dealer or manufacturer ownership.

What does it cost to list a vehicle for sale?
The cost for a 30 day listing is $20.00.

What does it cost to buy a car listed with netauto.org?
Netauto charges nothing to buyers, and the negotiation between buyer and seller is solely independent of the sale listing.

Does netauto.org warranty the vehicles sold?
No, netauto.org is simply a publishing site that is broadcast through various search engines, and lists vehicles offered for sale, and described as to condition and price, by the vehicle's owner.

Will netauto take dealer ads?
We will accept dealer ads but they must clearly state that they are ads for a licensed dealer.