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Negotiate, according to Webster's, "To meet and discuss with another, in order to reach an agreement". Our Site, NetAuto.org provides you with the meeting room where you, the buyer and the seller, can negotiate the purchse and sale of a vehicle, without the overhead of used car lots and sales people. Our E-Mail address is: "netauto@netscape.net". Where possible, we will supply full descriptions of vehicles, as furnished by the seller, including any pictures, repair bill summaries, and as much information as possible. We do not act as a dealer but only as a publisher of information, and we charge a fee for publishing the seller's descriptive offering/s. We do not act in the capacity of agent and do not attest to the accuracy of descriptions nor condition nor representations made by the seller. We will, if requested, offer suggestions for financing through lending institutions in your area. At this early stage, our site will operate through an e-mail response system. For instance; If you are a seller, send us a description and asking price, as well as a scanned-in photo, as an attachment, noting your name, address, e-mail address, and pertinent information about the vehicle that you wish to sell. We will charge your credit card a on-time fee of $20.00 to list your vehicle for 30 days, or one calendar month. When you go to the seller's page, you will be asked to supply this information through a questionaire format. We will list your vehicle and forward attachments to prospective buyers, and from that point, the negotiations are between buyer and seller. Simple, huh! As an auto enthusiast myself, I thought that this would be a great site for other auto buffs as well. We would like to see unusual cars, foreign and domestic, rather than the standard fare. Our specialty is in Italian and British cars, but we are international. We hope to form alliances with other auto related businesses, who become partners with us in offering a greater array of services. FLASH!!! One of our newest affiliations allows us to offer you an environmentally safe, higher efficiency cooling solution to your freon R-12 air conditioner problems. Click "freon" to read about it. Thanks for coming to our site. Before moving to other pages, please sign in to our Guest Book. Thank you.
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